A Disney Wonderland


As winter drags on here in Chiberia I have been struggling to find ways to distract myself from the cold and the fact that all I do is work and never have a weekend off. (the perks of working retail…..) So recently I got to experience the wondrous Science and Industry Museum in Chicago. (I haven’t gotten out much since I moved here…sad I know) Not only did they have awesome an awesome storm exhibit and one on genetics one of their limited time exhibits is the Walt Disney Archives. As most children did I grew up with Disney movies as my bedtime stories I loved them all as a child and I love them even more now as an adult. I was like a kid in a candy store at this exhibit. I didn’t know how to contain myself with all the facts about Walt Disney and how it all came to be. (Did you know he’s from Chicago because I sure didn’t) I have decided to grace you all with my new found knowledge of Disney and his wonderful stories.

The Early Days of Disney

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This was glorious. Now I already knew about Steamboat Willie but I had now idea that Mickey Mouse pretty much started as Oswald the Rabbit. Also I had no idea that he did a live action story of Alice in Wonderland where a real little girl would travel  to animated worlds of animation. I feel like that came way before it’s time and I loved it. The differences between those early shows in 1924 to Snow White the first full length movie is amazing. Disney changed the face of entertainment.

The Essence of Walt Disney

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This is just a compilation of the great things that just breathe Walt Disney whether it was the remake of his desk and the animation desks he designed for his team to create the beautiful works they did. They showed his animation process, how he portrayed his stories and the machine’s and technique’s they used to create the visual effects that hadn’t been seen before. I learned so much from all the panels littered through the museum. I had to take pictures just to read them again.


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Ugh the props they were awesome! The amount of detail that went into the figurines was amazing just so the animators could get a better feel for the characters. The storybooks you see in the beginnings of stories like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty and the magical bag from Mary Poppins. I couldn’t get enough!


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These are all so beautiful and they created the image of all my favorite characters. You could see the time and work put into them to create iconic characters…a majority of whom were played by Johnny Depp. That man can be whoever he wants and creates the best and worst kind of characters to fall in love with. They even had Hocus Pocus *squee* fantastic.

Movie Posters

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I want all of these in my dream home. Every last one of them and then some. I just recently saw some of the older movie posters on Disney’s blog and they will be mine one day. Especially Peter Pan and Robin Hood. I got to see and learn so much great stuff about the wonderful world of Disney and how the greatest part of my childhood came to be. I could not have been happier that day to have experienced that plus all of the other exhibits they had there. Amazing. Until next time folks!



~ by Sydney Erickson on April 20, 2014.

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