The Great Existential Crisis of 2014

First off I really have to acknowledge the fact that I haven’t blogged in months. Ever since I moved to Chicago in May time has flown by. Now I’m trying to figure out what I want to do for a career and if I want to go back to school etc. In other words I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Internet for work and so I can feed my need for television characters and fictional stories. I’m mostly watching tv these days and scrolling through Tumblr. It feels good to catch up on some of the shows I enjoy watching but there are some that I have been dying to watch but are having problems starting them. Their fandoms are everywhere and they are blowing up my feeds.





This fandom is so big it’s ridiculous but that’s acceptable since this show is worth watching multiple times. I’ve known about this show for a while and when I watched it I was able to watch the first two seasons in one sitting. I was dying for the third season but now that it’s airing I’m finding it hard to sit down and watch. Mostly because I’m having problems finding a solid site to watch it on (any suggestions would be greatly appreciated). I know I’ve written about this show before so bear with me.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful detective (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) and his lover…ahem sidekick Dr. Watson who assists the police in solving crimes. Throughout the long episodes they solve many different cases along with following Holmes conflict with Moriarty, his big bad arch enemy. Sherlock is a high functioning sociopath with high intelligence who has poor people skills and rude manners. You will fall for him quickly. Dr. Watson makes up for what Holmes lacks. He was a former military “doctor” who had previously studied medicine. He is the complete opposite, he is kind and caring and pretty much takes care of Holmes since he is so erratic.

Just wait till you get through the series. You will be an emotional wreck….not that that’s anything new….

Bates Motel



Alright so I have started this one but I have to take periodic emotional breaks. Seriously this show is so messed up…it’s like no wonder the Norman Bates character in Psycho is so messed up. The mother is awful, just wait till you see it, I feel so bad for Norman. He may have been a little weird but she ripped away any chance of not turning out the way he did.

So after his father’s death Norman and his mother buy a motel and move across country. That’s where everything goes downhill. There is some sketchy things going on in the weird little town and Norman falls right into it in the worst kind of ways. Also we find out that he has a brother…I mean I did I’m not too educated in the world of Psycho. It’s great but it pulls on all your stress strings and it’s kind of glorious. I’m hoping I have the nerve to finish it.




Ok so sometimes this fandom’s fascination with him borderline scares me. I mean I know I will probably be one of them once I start this but as I’m standing on the outside just looking in it worries me that they love a person who loves eating people….But that’s ok he seems pretty witty from the quotes that have stopped me mid scroll.

According to what I have read it’s based off the book Red Dragon by Thomas Harris about a developing relationship between an FBI special investigator, Will Graham, and a forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Hannibal Lecter…..seriously why are they always involved with the police.The show is supposed to be very well made so I’m excited to see if this pans out well.


Once Upon a Time


So I just threw this one in there because well its my blog and I will do what I want with it. I have finally picked this show back up because the new season looks very good and because I keep getting spammed with Hook and Emma pictures…not that I’m complaining. This show feeds my love for fairy tales (almost put Fairy Tail…..I watch a lot of anime) and it gives it a glorious TV show spin that makes for a pretty good story.

It all starts with a curse being put over the magical fairy tale world and Snow White and Prince Charming send their daughter to the “real world” to save their world. Then we get to grown-up Emma with all her life issues who gets reunited with the son she gave up who believes she is the savior and that they are all members of the fairy tale world. You get to see the main storyline plus the past storyline’s of all the characters before the curse. If you like this you can also check out the pretty decent spinoff “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.


Well hopefully I can catch-up in these series and start Hannibal *shudders* and still get into some quality reading. I’m still shooting to read the classics because as you all should know by now I love a good story whether its a movie, TV show or a book. Stay tuned for more quality entertainment!



~ by Sydney Erickson on April 1, 2014.

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