Game of freaking Thrones season 2!

Now I know I’m pretty late on the draw for this but I have been preoccupied and didn’t make an attempt to find a way to watch. I have been watching it non-stop on demand and it gets better and better! I was pretty surprised at the outcomes of the different people and the season finale so as a closure I decided I was going to talk about the various characters and their current positions.

House Lannister

“A Lannister always pays his debts.”


I thoroughly hate this house they are disgusting people well except for Tyrion. Joffrey is the worst of them all next to his mother and I am just waiting for the day he gets beheaded. He has a sick fascination with pain and killing but he is too much of a wuss to fight his own war he just sits on his throne and starves and kills his people. His mother, Cersei, is the worst sort too. I mean come on Joffrey is a child of incest no wonder he is so messed up. Then she is just as diabolical and is overall a terrible creature who doesn’t care if she throws away her family or others children to satisfy her needs. Now I’m beginning to like Jaime a little more I don’t know why but I do. Then there’s Tyrion who is the best person ever he tries so hard to be accepted by his family to no avail and it sucks because he is the best of them all and he’s way smarter than they are.

House Baratheon

“Ours is the fury.”


I was the most up in the air feelings about this house. The first is that I love Renly he is awesome, I even love his male relationship. He is kind and smart and of course adorable! I see no wrong with him his end is completely unjustified and utterly wrong. Which leads me to Stannis. I HATE HIM. I think he is the most pathetic person ever and all he does is whine and complain. GET OVER IT! And that stupid red lady is terrible and she is on my list for beheading as well. He needs to get himself together and get over his middle brother syndrome.

House Greyjoy

“We do not sow”


There isn’t much to say about this family except that they are pathetic and selfish. Theon is such a baby and can’t get over his abandonment issues. He had a new family he was not a prisoner he should have just appreciated them. His father and sister aren’t that great anyways they are as equally pathetic and try too hard. That’s why Theon deserves what he gets because he shouldn’t even try to prove himself to them because of how terrible and stupid people they really are.

House Targaryen

“Fire and blood”


I absolutely LOVE this house it makes me quite happy. Daenerys or Khalessi is one of the strongest women in the series. Even though she was married off and raped she grew to love her husband and his people and rose to lead them. Not only that she is the mother of freaking dragons and has three baby dragons, did i mention she doesn’t get burned by fire either. She is doing everything she can to reclaim the throne in the name of her family. I’m hoping to see her win out maybe even with the help of the Starks?

House Stark

“Winter is coming”


This is my number one favorite house I love everything about them especially their direwolves. They are truthful and strong and deserve way more than they are getting.Rob is a great strong battle leader and even though I love his new lady I hope she doesn’t get in the way of his revenge. Jon Snow is so great even if he is a bastard that doesn’t make him any less than a Stark, he is brave and fights for whats right. Cat is such a strong women who loved her husband and her children, even Jon after a while. Bran is a great kid who is bound to do great things even if he can’t walk. At first I didn’t like Sansa but she is starting to grow on me because given her situations she is holding pretty strong. Arya is my all time favorite she is so strong and bound to fight hard for her revenge and I secretly hope she gets with Gendry that would be the best power couple ever and they could totally take the throne too.

All in all I’m hoping to catch up to to the season finale of the third season before it airs because apparently there is a lot in store for me. I hope you enjoyed and until next time!


~ by Sydney Erickson on June 5, 2013.

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