Coming to a close


The semester is quickly ending and I will be graduating in a little over a week. Last week I posted about what I learned in college but this week I want to talk about my campaigns group. For my capstone project, the Public Relations and Advertising Seniors collaborated to produce three years worth of campaigns for the Mall of America. We were all separated into 6 “agencies” of about 10 people, roughly 3 PR students and the rest advertising, and we competed against each other to see who did the best in the trade show and the following presentations. Minerva was the name of my agency and aside from placing fourth in the trade show, we placed either first or second in each presentation. The judges used golf scoring to place us and in the end, we were the WINNERS!!! It was so satisfying to know that all of our hard work paid off but it was even better knowing that we were so successful because we got along so well. Usually in a group that large not everyone likes each other but with us it was different. Over the course of the semester, we became very close friends and I wouldn’t change these people for the world.


These boys were pretty amazing and kept us all laughing the entire time. We all became really close and were able to talk to each other about almost anything. They are very good friends who looked out for us girls whenever we were hanging out. They did anything they could and it really made a difference and really kept us together.


These two were our art directors and they were so fun and creative we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without them. They put in so much time and work to get us as far as we did. I don’t know if we could ever thank them enough for the long all-nighters that lasted days. They will forever be my MVP’s and they will go very far in life.


These two creatives were so fun. We got very close and could literally tell each other anything. We hung out all of the time and had some very memorable experiences that we will never forget.


I don’t even know where, to begin with, these girls. It’s always hard to get along with a lot of girls but we clicked so well it is amazing. We are all from different groups of people but we somehow managed to build a fantastic relationship with people we never thought we would be friends with. We were too fun.


Overall I don’t want any of these beautiful people to leave my life even if we are graduating in a few short days. The weather is nice and we will be doing as much as we can before we leave. I don’t know how my capstone would have gone if I hadn’t been grouped with these guys. This part of college will stay with me forever and I hope it is the same for them. Even though we had our ups and downs it didn’t change the relationship we have or the awesomely quick friendship we made. I love all my Minervans! We will be a team forever no matter where life takes us.




~ by Sydney Erickson on May 1, 2013.

3 Responses to “Coming to a close”

  1. You guys were such an amazing group! You all looked like you had so much fun! That is so great to see! Isn’t it amazing to think you could be friends with all of them years down the road? Pretty awesome! 🙂 Great blog!

  2. I am happy you had such a great experience in Campaigns. Although a lot of hard work, it really sounds like your group clicked and plowed through it. You are right, these are the memories we take with us. Good luck!

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