Recapping the last four years of my life


My final year of college is coming to a close very quickly and I don’t really know where it all went. These past few years have been full of risky decisions and memories I wouldn’t trade for the world. I learned about the real world and managed to figure out what I want to do in life (if it all works out all right). I have met some amazing people that I will keep in my life forever no matter how far apart we get or how little we talk to each other (especially my friends that have been with me the last three to four years and my campaigns group, I love them). Overall I think that the most rewarding part of college is the fact that I was able to find myself and figure out the kind of person I am and what I believe in. Even though a lot of what I do may seem contradictory to each other I have found a way to live my life and be very happy about it. For this post I’m just going to re hash a bunch of picture quotes that represent me and my views and beliefs.

Accept yourself for who you are with all of your flaws and own it.

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I learned that you can’t be anyone other than yourself and you can’t escape it. If you keep trying to fake it in front of other people and pretend you like things that you don’t or pretend that you don’t like the things you love you will be completely exhausting. Once you accept the way you think it gets easier to deal with any problems that arise in life, you figure out what works for you and what to expect out of yourself. This is probably the hardest thing to do and not many can truly do it but if you can it is truly rewarding and you find people that are truly your friends for who you are.

Our culture is a complete mess.

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Everyone has their own beliefs and that is fine but the thing I have come to realize is that those individual or group beliefs are expected to be what everyone else is supposed to believe. Personally I think people should be able to make their own decisions about their life without getting hassled by others as long as it doesn’t harm themselves or others in the process, or infringe on other peoples lives. I have decided on what I believe in and what I want out of life and I feel like everyone should have that opportunity no matter who they are. I think that with my generation and the one following me there will be more of a change as people become more educated in all aspects of life.

Take life by the horns and experience as much as you can.

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You only get one chance to do things, especially when you are young so why not have stories to tell your children and grandchildren to keep your story going forever. We all have the same fate some just sooner than others and you want good memories for when that time comes even if they aren’t the best in the world you still have them. Never grow up keep your youth as long as you possibly can. Make questionable decisions that could lead to the best parts of your life. Most of all do what makes YOU happy, who cares about what the rest of the world thinks. The last two are my strict beliefs that I will forever stick to.

Keep moving forward.


I have come to realize that you can’t keep dwelling on decisions you’ve already made and the things that have happened to you in the past there is nothing you can do about them now. You can keep going forward in your life if you are to focused on what you have already passed, you will become stationary and not become the person you are meant to be. No matter how hard things can get you will always have something to look forward to even if you can’t see it yet. It doesn’t matter about the trail you leave behind you because it was what you wanted at the time and it was supposed to happen.

Free of everything you are bound by nothing, live the life that has been given to you.

I wish I could find a picture for this but I can’t and I am too lazy to make one. This is probably my strongest belief of all, I even have it tattooed on my arm. For me this quotes means don’t put restrictions on yourself and don’t live by any one else’s rules but your own. I know a lot of these have been along the same lines but they all hold a small separate meaning. I refuse to let anything stop me from getting what I want and this belief is what brought it on.

And this is pretty much me in a nutshell


In the long run college has been a life changing experience that has been full of obstacles, sleepless nights, a lot of stress, terrible eating habits but it is full of amazing memories that will be around forever. I’m not sure how the future will go but college has prepared me for whatever life decides to throw at me and it has given me the means to succeed. And here’s a final image for a good giggle.




~ by Sydney Erickson on April 22, 2013.

One Response to “Recapping the last four years of my life”

  1. Sydney, thank you for letting us get a peek at your heart and soul and what makes you tick. I have truly enjoyed getting to know you this year and love you for your uniqueness, your persistence and your dedication. You will do awesome! Please keep in touch. Look me up on gmail.

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